Fruit Salad With Yogurt

fruit salad yogurt
Fruit Salad With Yogurt

Make a fruit salad that will stay fresh-looking for a while and be tasty too? And not only that, but be healthy and low in fat?


  • Variety of fruit
  • Low fat vanilla yogurt
  • Ball Fruit Fresh


  1. Slice up a variety of fruit. The absolute basics are: bananas, apples and oranges. You can also add grapes, apricots, peaches, cranberries, grapefruit, strawberries, pineapples and nuts, raisins or any other fruit you have in the house.
  2.   Sprinkle the apples with Fruit Fresh so they don’t turn brown. Then add the remaining fruit to the bowl.
  3.   Drizzle any juice from cutting up the oranges or grapefruit over the bowl of fruit.
  4.   Add the low-fat vanilla yogurt. Any brand of yogurt will do. Stir to coat and mix the fruit. You can serve immediately or cover and serve later. The yogurt and Fruit Fresh will keep the salad looking good for several hours.
  5.   Eat and enjoy the compliments.
fruit salad yogurt
fruit salad yogurt