Panjeeri (Winter Special Dessert)


Panjeeri (Winter Special)


  • Phool makhaney (Puffed Lotus Seed) 3 cup
  • Charo magaz (Dried Melon Seeds) 1 cup
  • Ghong kateera (Edible gum crystals) 3/4 cup
  • Coconut half cup
  • Akhroot(walnut) half cup
  • Kajju  1 cup
  • kishmish(Raison) half cup
  • Sooji(Semolina) 3 cup
  • Pista half cup
  • Elaichi powder (Cardamom powder) 1 tsp
  • Powder sugar 2 cup or as per taste
  • Desi Ghee 1 cup or as
    • required in the frying


    1. Fry one by one all dry fruits(Badam, Pista, Kajo, Phool Makhaney, Charo Magaz, Ghond Katira) and put them in one dish.
    2. Now grind them little, it should not be powder.
    3. Now fry sooji till it becomes a tea color(light brown) like we do to make sooji ka halwa.
    4. Now put sugar in the sooji.
    5. Put them all together and mix well.
    6. Your winter special dish PANJEERI is ready now.

    Special Instructions: When what to eat warm and eat because it has desi ghee which becomes hard when we warm it will melt and give a delicious taste.

    This is a special dish during the winter season, if you eat it during the season, it will help you to be healthy and save you from cold weather.

    You can store it for three months and enjoy it with evening tea.

    This is Keto-Friendly Dessert if you put gurr instead of sugar.

    Special Note

  • This dessert is good for ladies after giving birth of babies.
  • This is helpful for strog imune system so it is great remedy to save from winter cold , flu and crona.