Mutton Recipes

contains recipes with lamb as the main ingredient.

lamb kebabs afghan

Afghan Tikka Kebab

Afghani kababs very mouth watering recipe for your Eid dinner. Its eye catching colorful presentation would ugre you to eat it. Must try and...
Lahori Seekh Kebab

Lahori Seekh Kabab Tandoori

Lahori Seekh Kebab is a delicious Pakistani Recipe. Seekh Kabab is tasty and very common kabab in Pakistan. Mince is chopped with spices.Then bbq...
Keema Shimla Mirch

Keema Shimla Mirch (Mince with Capsicums)

Keema Shimla Mirch is pretty easy to make and tastes really good. There are many ways of using capsicums in food, such as raw...
Bhindi Gosht

Bhindi Gosht

Bhindi Gosht is a popular Pakistani dish. Bindhi Gosht is known as Lamb with Okra in english. Iraqi dish Maraq is similar to it...
Mutton Kachnar

Kachnar Gosht

Kachnar is widely used as an ingredient in many Pakistani and Indian recipes. Traditional kachnar curry is prepared using kachnaar buds, yogurt, onions and...
Rogan Josh

Kashmiri Rogan Josh

One of the Mughals’ favorite destinations during the hot summer was the mountainous province of Kashmir. There, they escaped from the unrelenting heat of the...
Dum Kay Kabab

Dum Kay Kabab

Dum kay kebab are exceptionally scrumptious Hyderabadi kebabs prepared with meat pieces rather than meat mince. Ingredients Mutton / beef 1 kg, boneless cut in...
Gobi Gosht Recipe

Recipe Of Gobi Gosht – Meaty Cauliflower

Phol Gobi Gosht (Cauliflower Lamb Curry) This classic cauliflower meat curry is easy to prepare and packed full of healthy vegetable. Ingredients ...
Afghani Pulao / Pilaf Recipe

Afghani Pulao

This ethereal mixture of rice and lamb, redolent of sweet and warming spices, is the national dish of Afghanistan. Kabuli pulao takes its name...
Ginger Mutton Curry

Ginger Mutton Curry

Ginger Mutton Curry is an Pakistani curry dish that is prepared from Mutton and Ginger. Ingredients MUTTON 1/2 kg ...